Slayer Haunting The Chapel CD Remastered

Slayer Haunting The Chapel CD Remastered


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Label: Metal Blade
Cat #: 1140342
Year: 1984 / 2004
Product Type: CD Jewel Case Sealed

Haunting the Chapel is an EP released by American thrash metal band Slayer in 1984

Although originally featuring three songs, the record evidences a marked evolution from the style of their previous album, Show No Mercy, and is considered the first demonstration of the band's "classic" style displayed on later albums and is often described as a "stepping stone". The songs "Captor of Sin" and "Chemical Warfare" are regularly featured on the band's live set list. "Chemical Warfare" appears in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Remastered and repackaged with lyrics straight from Satan's lair, the first 4 SLAYER releases, these are the album's that set the tone for extreme metal and spawned a gazillion imitators. These landmark releases represent the bands formative years on Metal Blade Records prior to signing to Rick Rubin's Def Jam label and producing what is possible the best thrash album ever made "Reign in Blood". 20 years on and Slayer have stayed true to their cause, never attempting to stray from the formular that has made them the ultimate metal band with a legion of fans that is second to none.

Track Listing: 1. Chemical Warfare
2. Captor Of Sin
3. Haunting The Chapel
4. Aggressive Perfector
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