Thanatos Global Purification Silver Vinyl LP
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Thanatos Global Purification Silver Vinyl LP


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Label: Century Media
Year: 2014
Cat #: 56585

Limited edition silver vinyl!

“Global Purification” is a brilliant combination of aggressive thrash and old school death that takes you back to the days when metal was about breaking rules and boundaries instead of creating them. Blessed with murderous riffs, captivating song structures and rage in spades, “Global Purification” is easily the most merciless album these veterans have ever created!

Feat. members of Hail Of Bullets, Asphyx and ex-Melechesh.

LP Side A
01. Global Purification
02. The Murder Of Innocence
03. Infestation Of The Soul
04. Queen Of Gore
05. Nothing Left

LP Side B 01. World Jihad
02. The Demonized Minority
03. Feeding The War Machine
04. Blood Will Be Spilled
05. Bastion Of Blasphemy

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