Samael A Decade In Hell 11 Disc Limited Collector's Box Set
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Samael A Decade In Hell 11 Disc Limited Collector's Box Set


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Label: Century Media
Product Type: Box Set
Catalog #: 9983270
Released: 2010

Samael Limited 11 Disc Collector's Box Set.

The complete Century Media Years 9 CD's + 2 DVD's. Worldwide limitation of 2000 copies!

Swiss black metal innovators SAMAEL have successfully built up a cult following due to classic albums like the radical "Worship Him", the stunning "Ceremony Of Opposites" & "Passage".All of which are all part of this comprehensive, luxurious box set covering the band's recordings during the Century Media years. Boasting a whopping 11 discs, a noble flip-top box, a 60 pages thick booklet with liner notes, comments, lyrics and tons of photos make this box set a fantastic journey through the catalogue of one of the most fascinating acts in the field of dark music. This is the ultimate box set of Swiss black metal innovators SAMAEL.

CD1: Worship Him
CD2: Blood Ritual
CD3: Ceremony Of Opposites
CD4: Rebellion
CD5: Passage
CD6: Exodus
CD7: Eternal
CD8: Era One
CD9: Lessons In Magic #1
DVD1: Black Trip 1
DVD2: Black Trip 2

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