Renegade Total Armageddon CD Re-issue + Bonus

Renegade Total Armageddon CD Re-issue + Bonus


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Label: Into The Pit
Year: 1987 / 2013
Cat #: ITP002
Condition: New Not Sealed

Official re-press of this cult classic from one of Australia’s earliest thrash bands. Features 12 tracks including the 1985 demo.

Pedal to the metal full bore thrash from Melbourne Australia. One of the earliest exponents of this style from the land down under featuring former Depression guitarist Feedback. Recorded in 3 days this is raw primal thrash with minimal let up, save for the odd chunky half time mosh riff or mellow intro (Lucifer's Reign). The opening track Necromancer opens with a barrage of blistering rifferama and bordering on punk vocal attack, mixed with almost death vocal intensity. Shoe string budget renders this devoid of the technical precision and production polish of major league players (Testament, Exodus, Forbidden) of similar vintage but compensated with ruthless gung ho spit in your face attitude. The title track hints at Slayers classic At Dawn They Sleep complete with a chorus that hammers its impact into your brain with all the subtlety of an iron fist. Headbangers can't ask for more than that from a pure made in the backyard thrash metal album now finally re-issued on CD after all these years!

1. Necromancer
2. Decapitation
3. Black Ritual
4. Lucifer's Reign
5. Total Armageddon
6. Riot Squad Gladiator
7. Maneater
8. Threshold Of Death
9. Black Ritual (85 demo track)
10. Executioner (85 demo Track)
11. Lucifers Reign (85 demo track)
12. Cold And Evil (85 demo track)

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