Mortification Scribe Of The Pentateuch CD

Mortification Scribe Of The Pentateuch CD


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Label: Soundmass
Year: 2013
Cat #: SM029
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Australia's Mortification is a band that needs no introduction in the Christian metal scene. Having released a slew of classic albums on the Intense records label in the 90s, Mort went on to be one of the only Christian metal bands to be released by two of the world’s biggest mainstream metal labels (Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade)

Marking the twentieth anniversary of the release of Mort’s classic death metal album Scrolls of the Megilloth. Upon its release it was hailed as the most extreme Christian metal album ever, and it’s still pretty high on the list. Never before had Christians attempted this genre, and frankly, never have any surpassed it since. In celebration of that fine CD, Mortification has released a spiritual sequel with the EP Scribe of the Pentateuch. This CD also contains Live At Easterfest concert tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Extradiefor
2. Scribe of the Pentateuch
3. The Jaws of Life
4. In Garland Hall
5. Weapons of Mass Salvation
6. The White Death
7. Extradiefor (Live 2013)
8. Hammer of God (Live 2013)
9. Scribe of the Pentateuch (Live 2013)
10. Blood Sacrifice (Live 2013)
11. The Destroyer Beholds (Live 2013)
12. Scrolls of the Megilloth (Live 2013)
13. God Rulz (Live 2013)
14. J.G.S.H. (Live 2013)

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