Morgoth Ungod LP
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Morgoth Ungod LP


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Label: Century Media
Year: 2015
Cat #: 9985241
Product Type: Vinyl LP New Sealed

After 19 years the deadly Teutonic death metal force of MORGOTH returns with a brand new studio album! “Ungod” offers dark and dismal death metal, combining the untamed ferocity of their infamous EPs with the atmospheric density of the band’s two legendary albums “Cursed” and “Odium”

The LP version comes on 180g vinyl with 4 colour labels and printed inner sleeve.

LP Side A
01. House Of Blood (02:36)
02. Voice Of Slumber (04:51)
03. Snakestate (04:46)
04. Black Enemy (03:45)
05. Descent Into Hell (03:27)
06. Ungod (06:15)
LP Side B 01. Nemesis (04:20)
02. God Is Evil (03:57)
03. Traitor (03:57)
04. Prison In Flesh (03:31)
05. The Dark Sleep (05:01)

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