Massacra Final Holocaust Blue Vinyl LP Re-issue + Bonus
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Massacra Final Holocaust Blue Vinyl LP Re-issue + Bonus


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Label: Century Media
Year: 2014
Cat #: 58298
Product Type: Vinyl LP Sealed

“Final Holocaust” (1990) is part of a series of official re-issues of the first three classic albums by the French death/thrash legend MASSACRA.

Expanded with improved artwork, remastering by Patrick W. Engel (Asphyx, Desaster, Darkthrone etc), rare & previously unreleased bonus tracks (on the CD version), extensive booklet (30x30cm LP booklet / 24 pages CD booklet) with tons of rare photos, all lyrics, and interview with original guitarist Jean-Marc Tristani!

A must-have for fans of classic SEPULTURA, POSSESSED, old KREATOR, MORBID ANGEL and simply killer rabid & raw extreme metal!

Side A
01. Apocalyptic Warriors
02. Researchers Of Tortures
03. Sentenced For Life
04. War Of Attrition
05. Nearer To Death

Side B
01. Final Holocaust
02. Eternal Hate
03. The Day Of Massacra
04. Trained To Kill
05. Beyond The Prophecy

Your vinyl will be mailed to you in sturdy LP mailer box.

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