Darkthrone Total Death Vinyl Record Dark Throne

Darkthrone Total Death Vinyl Record Dark Throne


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Label: Peaceville
Year: 1995 / 2011
Cat # VILELP329
Condition: New & Sealed


Total Death is the sixth album by the Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone. Recorded and released in 1996, all of the album's lyrics were written either by members of other black metal bands or Nocturno Culto. The lyrics were written by various vocalists from other bands, in fact, Fenriz wrote none of the lyrics at all. Track 1 by Garm (Ulver) Tracks 2, 3, 5 and 7 by Nocturno Culto Track 4 by Ihsahn (Emperor) Track 6 by Carl-Michael Eide (Ved Buens Ende) Track 8 by Satyr (Satyricon)

Side A
1. Earth's Last Picture
2. Blackwinged
3. Gather For Attack On The Pearly Gates
4. Black Victory Of Death

5. Majestic Desolate Eye
6. Blasphemer
7. Ravnajuv
8. The Serpents Harvest

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