Dark Order Cold War Of The Condor CD

Dark Order Cold War Of The Condor CD


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Label: Battlegod
Year: 2010
Cat #: BP022
Format: Digipak: New Sealed

'Cold War of the Condor is something all thrash fans should check out immediately'. - Loud Online

Dark Order are veterans of the Australian metal scene. Being predominately modern Thrash Metal, they have blended touches of Death Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, and Power Metal, plus adding powerful South American Andean music and have forged a sound, that in Australia, is second to none.

With Cold War of the Condor, Dark Order almost completely max-out the CD playing time with an epic treatment of Chile's totalitarian Pinochet regime, illegally installed by a CIA-sponsored coup during the infernally corrupt Nixon administration and eventually costing the lives of thousands. The band details 17 years of bloodshed over 14 exhausting tracks.

Recommended if you are like: Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Anthrax, Sacred Reich, Havok, Sepultura.

Track Listing:
1. September 11th 1973
2. Dissension of the Raptor
3. State of Siege
4. A Lament for Victor Jara
5. Tears of the Exiled
6. Caravan of Death
7. Villa Grimaldi
8. Operation Condor
9. The Disappeared
10. Operacion Signo Veinte
11. Criminal of State
12. Blood Fire
13. Continuum of Cold War
14. Requiem Eternal

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