Chud Ominous CD

Chud Ominous CD


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Label: Independent
Year: 2013
Product Type: CD jewel case not sealed

Hailing from Australia Chud mix elements of black, sludge, industrial, stoner and rock all into one downtuned pile of molten sludge.

Recommended if you like: Ministry, Godflesh, Sepultura, Brujeria, Strapping Young Lad, Eye Hate god & Rob Zombie.

Track Listing::
1. Deamonic [Gnosis]
2. Choke
3. Beast
4. Witchcraft
5. Tyrant
6. Invocation
7. Gauss
8. Revenant
9. Serpentine
10. Pronto
11. Kill it
12. Gravedigger
13. The Gift of Fire
14. Angelic [Gnosis]

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