Breaking Orbit The Time Traveller CD

Breaking Orbit The Time Traveller CD


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Label: Firestarter
Year: 2012
Format: Digipak not sealed

"Its hard to make a prog album that appeals to musicians and non-musicians alike, but Breaking Orbit have nailed it- 5/5" - Blunt Magazine, Australia

The debut album “The Time Traveller” is a captivating mix of eclectic soundscapes, driving polyrhythms, euphoric vocal melodies, tribal drum breakdowns and heavy grooves – taking the listener on an epic 60-minute journey.

Track Listing:
1. Echoes
2. Conscious Self
3. My Direction
4. Machiguenga
5. Time Traveller
6. Transcension (pt 1)
7. Callsign
8. Harmonic Voice
9. Cassandra Sydnrome
10. Ice Warmth
11. Orion
12. Silence Seekers

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