Black Majesty In Your Honour CD

Black Majesty In Your Honour CD


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Label: Limb
Year: 2010
Cat #: JSR001
Type: Jewel Case new not sealed

Australia's Metal scene may be small but it is nothing to be sneezed at and amongst its leaders are Black Majesty! "In Your Honour" marks their 4th release and once again proves that they are absolutely capable of playing excellent melodic Power Metal with innovative ideas and impressive compositions, all of which is rooted in the very earth of the genre. "In Your Honour" is thee perfect album for the Power Metal fan who sees memorable melodies and diversified guitar parts as being just as important as driving, banger rhythms.

Track List:
1. Far Beyond
2. God Of War
3. Millenium
4. Break These Chains
5. Further Than Insane
6. End Of Time
7. Wish You Well
8. Follow
9. Witching Hour
10. Two Hearts (Bonus Track)

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