Barren Earth On Lonely Towers CD Ltd. Ed. Digi

Barren Earth On Lonely Towers CD Ltd. Ed. Digi


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Label: Century Media
Cat #: 9985048
Year: 2015
Format: CD Digipak new sealed

Limited digipak edition with bonus track.

Combining elements of modern and traditional death metal with 70's prog rock and folk, Finnish progressive death metal supergroup BARREN EARTH, featuring members of Kreator, Moonsorrow, (ex-) Amorphis and Hamferð, managed to build up an excellent reputation with only two albums.

Now they release another milestone in their career, taking the experimentation and heaviness to even further heights. Highly recommended for fans of Opeth and Amorphis. “On Lonely Towers” features a fantastic, dark and moody artwork by Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia, Death) and features a bonus track on the Ltd. Edition Digipak and the Gatefold 2LP.

With 'On Lonely Towers' Barren Earth have crafted an opulent album that demands attention, careful listening and encourages you to really sink down into its richly detailed, sonic cosmos.

Track List:
01. From the Depths of Spring (01:27)
02. Howl (05:40)
03. Frozen Processions (04:52)
04. A Shapeless Derelict (07:33)
05. Set Alight (07:27)
06. On Lonely Towers (11:52)
07. Chaos, the Songs Within (07:45)
08. Sirens of Oblivion (07:02)
09. The Vault (11:07)

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