Astriaal Renascent Misanthropy CD

Astriaal Renascent Misanthropy CD


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Label: Obsidian
Year: 2003 / 2007
Format: CD Slipcase Not Sealed
Cat #: ORM-006

Slipcase reissue of the debut album from Australian black metal band Astriaal. Resurrected, repackaged and rewarding.

Track Listing:
1. The Funeral Procession (Intro)
2. Ritual Hate Construct
3. Revere the Labyrinth
4. Glories of the Nightsky
5. Ode to Antiquity
6. Arborescence
7. Acquisition of the Stars (Instrumental)
8. Reaper of Dark Ages
9. The Halls of Perdition (Outro)

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