Aggressa Nuclear Death CD

Aggressa Nuclear Death CD


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Label: Into The Pit
Year: 1988 / 2013
Cat #: ITP001
Condition: New Not Sealed

Available for the first time on CD. Contains the original 7 tracks from 1988 plus demo versions and an unreleased track.

AGGRESSA existed during the mid-late ’80s and featured future Sadistik Exekution drummer Sloth, playing a rabid, oft-evil form of thrash/speed metal that nodded to the genre’s progenitors whilst exhibiting their own, deceptively catchy character. Now, relive their Nuclear Death mini-album alongside the super-rare Demo 1, all on one long-playing CD format…break down the walls! Recommended for maniacs of RAZOR, POSSESSED, and HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH.

Track Listing:
1. Torture and Pain
2. Nuclear Death
3. Break Down the Walls
4. Tunks
5. Voo Doo Doll
6. Phantom Stage Diver
7. D.O.A.
8. Torture and Pain (demo)
9. Break Down the Walls (demo)
10. Interlude (not mentioned on the original demo)
11. Religious Bloodshed (demo)
12. D.O.A. (demo)
13. Religious Bloodshed (remastered bonus track)

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